The flowers are prepped, the sun glowing bright.

A father in his tie, his little girl dressed in white.

A groom with shaking hands, a best man to keep him steady.

All the bridesmaids are perfected, excited and ready.

The flower girl clings to her basket while the little boy holds his pillow,

Grandma gets her camera ready while grandpa waits in the middle.

All these tiny moments may seem so unimportant and small,

but we believe they all matter and we aim to capture them all.


 We are a Nashville local husband and wife team.  Between the two of us we have over 20 years of photography experience.  It is our passion to capture life's moments and to preserve them for everyone to see.  We have both had the privilege of photographing around the country and seeing so much life everywhere we go.  Our cameras are always with us because you never know when nature or one of life's crazy moments will present itself. When we do not have a camera in front of our face, we love going to the park with our dogs, Dawson & Zoey, as well as bike riding or going to one of Nashville's many live music scenes.

Hope to work with you soon!  Thanks for taking time to visit our site!

Zach & Amanda Harrison